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EnterpriseWorks/VITA is constantly bringing together local expertise with proven international consultants and universities to invent new technologies and expand upon existing ones with the goal of meeting sustainable health, energy, natural resource management, agribusiness and finance challenges. Over the years, this has resulted in large talent pools, sustained economic growth and improved standards of living throughout the developing world. 

For example, in Senegal, with funding from an anonymous donor and generous grants from the Lemelson Foundation and through partnerships with Engineers Without Borders-Canada and Brandeis University, EWV local and international experts designed, built and conducted feasibility testing on three promising new technologies. These technologies—biomass-fueled, multi-crop dehydrators; low-energy portable rice dehullers; and a low-cost village electrification method—were conceived as local solutions to conditions evident throughout the developing world.

In Ghana, with the support of the Shell Foundation, EWV’s innovations in market penetration and product distribution resulted in the production and sale of 225,000 improved cookstoves benefiting over 1.2 million people, drastically reducing indoor air pollution, reducing fuel usage and providing economic betterment throughout the value chain. 

Exciting, innovative work with household water filtration in Africa is another strong focus of EWV today. Through its partnership with the Diageo Foundation, EWV’s proving that household water filters can be successfully manufactured locally, sold without subsidies and provide clean drinking water to the world’s poor, furthering the impact we have toward reducing water-related deaths and increasing the likelihood of achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

EnterpriseWorks/VITA’s talent for innovating and inventing has always been one of its greatest assets. Developed over its 40 years of international work in over 100 countries, EWV continues to drive new ideas and look at new ways of solving old problems.