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Air Pressure Testing is a way to measure how much air leaks out of a building.

We use it to check if a building meets the rules in Part L of the Building Regulations. It’s important for most SAP Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) to pass. The best score is 1, but most get between 5 and 10. If it’s over 10, it usually fails.

Sound Insulation Testing is how we check how well a building blocks sound from going between different parts, like walls or floors between apartments. This is important for making sure the soundproofing in a building is good enough. It’s been a requirement in the Building Regulations since 2003 if you’re building something new or fixing up an old building. If your property is attached to another property, like if it’s above a shop or it’s a terrace or has a shared wall, you need sound testing. You can test the floors, the walls, or both.

Usually, we do these tests just before we finish a new building and get the SAP EPC. But it’s a good idea to start early to make sure the building methods being used are good enough to pass these tests.