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A SAP Energy Performance Certificate (SAP EPC) is needed for properties in a few situations:

  1. If a property is newly built.
  2. If a property has been recently converted into different homes.
  3. If a property used to be one house and has been turned into two flats or more.

SAP Calculations are how the UK government measures how energy-efficient a new or converted home is and how much carbon dioxide it produces. These calculations must be sent to your local building control to make sure the building follows the rules in Building Regulations Part L.

For a SAP EPC, there’s no need for someone to visit the property. Our qualified SAP energy assessors do it all on their computer. From these calculations, we create two things:

  1. Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA): This is like an unofficial EPC and is given during the design phase, before the building is finished.
  2. Full SAP EPC: This is the official EPC issued when the building is complete and approved by building control. Like a regular EPC, it’s valid for 10 years and can be used for property transactions.